Is it wrong to flirt with a girls who already has a boyfriend?

It really depends on the situation. As long as we are motivated by good in this life then all is well.

Typically you only flirt with a member of the opposite sex to advertise yourself as available. So first thing first…. By doing this you are actually telling this guy “I want to have a relationship with your girlfriend” this is certainly disrespectful to him and barefaced gaul. In fact it is intimidating behaviour because you are also telling him you have no fear of him and you can do whatever you want. It borders on bullying.

So let’s consider your end game here. If you are just deliberately upsetting this guy by showing an interest in his girlfriend without any real interest of being with her then this is just man on man stuff. You are challenging another males pride and ego. This is a dangerous game, never underestimate anyone.

But if you do want the girl…….

The first thing we need to confirm is…. Would you be:


  1. Stealing the girl away from an apparently functioning relationship just because you can.
  2. Rescuing the girl from an obviously dysfunctional situation.

if you are doing it for reason number one then this is never a good idea. You are simply creating a bad experience for two people. Sure she’d be with you and youd be happy but the other guy would be in a world of pain which would naturally end up effecting the girl badly. She would also potentially end up with a bad reputation for being the unfaithful type too. You would not be doing anyone any favours. You could even end up fighting the other guy, he could turn out to be a complete nutter, stab you and go to prison for murder. You think I’m being too extreme? Trust me, this kind of stupidness happens everyday!

So yes. That WOULD be wrong.

Scenario number 2.

‘Ok , so you can see he’s making a complete fool of her, she deserves better, and better is you. So let’s see how the super hero Angle works out for you.

Again, two people will immediately be in a world of pain. Possibly three including you as the situation blows up.

The guy could get seriously annoyed and turns out to be that murderous nutter we spoke of earlier. But maybe not? …. Maybe you are the murderous nutter, and end up in prison after fighting this guy. Maybe he will just go away and feel the full force of rejection. (That sucks) Again the girl gets the bad reputation but…. With a little political lobby you get the word out how bad she was treated and ends up being that girl who had a lucky escape. The guy would then have to deal with that fall out and maybe even struggle to get a new girlfriend as a result of public opinion.

One other thing to consider.

Who flirted with who first? Was it you with her? Or was it her with you?

If it is her flirting with you then why would you want to entertain such a proposition. How long is it likely to be before she gets bored of you and starts flirting with some other guy? You can not ignore the possibility of this being a pattern with her.

Whatever way we look at this it is bound to work out giving someone a mental health wobble. Somebody will end up in a level of emotional turmoil. That definitely qualifies as wrong in my world.

But…. Sometimes we have to do hard things for the greater good. So…. if this girl definitely needs rescuing and you can without doubt see she took a wrong turn with a very bad guy then go for it. Be that hero .

Good luck!

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