What are some questions which can give away a lot about a person without them even knowing?

10  ways to discover the truth about a person


1.Ask “what weighs more, a tonne of rock or a tonne of feathers?” If he says they weigh the same then he thinks things through properly!

2.Ask “ would you pull your worst enemy out of the river if they were drowning?” If he says yes then he is compassionate.

3.Ask “ what was the last good deed you did that you decided you wouldn’t tell anyone about?” If he tells you, then he’s either not true to his word or he’s a liar trying to impress you. If he says “I can’t tell you that!” Then he’s either a charitable guy or just smart!

4.Ask “if you could have any super power from any villain or superhero what would you choose?” If he chooses something evil then he reveals his dark side, if he chooses something to be helpful then he reveals he is a good person at heart!

5.Ask “what is the best present anyone ever gave you?” Find out if they are sentimental, practical, a fun seeker or maybe adventurous?

6.Ask “If a hunter saw ten birds in a tree and shot one of them dead, then how many are left in the tree?” If he says “nine” then he’s not good at logic. There would be none left because the bang would have a scared them away!

7.Ask “what is the most important new thing you learned in the last week” if it takes a while to answer then learning as they go along is not much of a priority. If they answer quickly then they are paying attention in life…. But be sure to judge the quality of the observation for an indication of depth of thought.

8.Ask “what was the last big argument you had and we’re you in the right?” . If they answer with enthusiasm about how right they were then they are argumentative! If they say they can’t remember, or they don’t really have arguments then they are easy going!

9.Ask ” what is your Facebook password?” If they tell you then they are very trusting, a little naive and possibly open to regular human exploitation! If they refuse to say then they are security conscious, sensible but possibly untrusting.

10.Drop money on the floor. Pick it up and say … “is this yours? “ If he says “no ?” then he’s honest!

I wrote a song about being truthful!

Check it out below……

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