Why do people end up asking me for physical intimacy in the very first or second meet?

There could be a few reasons why this is happening


  • You are coming across as vulnerable and easy to manipulate
  • You are incredibly attractive
  • Your body language is very flirty and you are giving off messages of requiring sexual attention
  • You are giving off strong pheromones.
  • The way you dress suggests you are sexually available
  • You have a reputation among males for being very accommodating physically.

If you wish to minimise the chances of males immediately or only wanting to know you for physical reasons then the following might be advisable:

  1. Dress discretely. Cover flesh. Wear your hair up. Do not wear make up.
  2. Wear a musk that is designed purely for cleanliness not sexual attraction.
  3. Never stand too close to a man you meet. keep your personal space.
  4. Avoid smiling too much and tilting your head in an inferior fashion. Remain upright and speak firmly.

Be careful of when and where you accept male attention.

Avoid bars, clubs and public social environments. It would be advisable to try to meet males in a common interest environment. like maybe a college, library or fitness class. If you do meet up with a male try to make it for reasons of a common goal like study, revision, working out, seeing a movie, going to an art gallery or museum. Try to keep mutual interest academic. Make the mind, learning, knowledge, humour and appreciation of the world the main focus.

It is every males instinct to reproduce himself. Sex is the primary interest of males. You clearly wish to meet males who have this under control and have a balanced approach to life. Intelligence becomes important. You need a guy who has a developed personality. A guy who understands decency and understands how a female can be interesting in multiple ways . Not just sexually.

If you are in India I do understand how this could be an issue since many men there see women as mainly suitable for domestic servitude. But attitudes are changing, you need to find a guy of the new generation who appreciates equality!

You need a balanced thinker. Not a rampant sexist animal!

You need to do the right thing! Heres a song I wrote about that! Basil-Simon_do the right thing.mp3

Good luck, I truly hope this helps you.

Basil Simon

Musical life coach.

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